Grasslands Campus Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan

Westchester County is exploring ways to make it easier to travel to, from, and within the Grasslands Campus. The Grasslands Campus Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan will outline the strategies that Westchester County will use to make travel to and around the Grasslands Campus easier and more environmentally friendly. 
If you work at, live at, or visit the Grasslands Campus, we want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to view our presentation on this plan, and what we’ve learned to-date, and then share your thoughts on strategies for our plan before January 14, 2022.   

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Transportation demand management is about increasing opportunities to access a variety of transportation choices and benefits, such as employer-provided transit benefits and on-site amenities such as bike parking and showers, as well as enhancing access to ridesharing, bike and walk, telework and alternative work schedules, and transit. TDM strategies can result in cost savings for both employers and employees, improve health and reduce stress, and help improve air quality by reducing harmful emissions that result from driving.